In Sub Sharan Africa, we have identified the forces related to the prospects and hazards that determine and mitigate necessary risk in line with essential business governance.



  • Affordable (quality) housing is a global phenomenon. Initiatives are being created globally to facilitate both emerging and established markets.
  • The solar energy, mini-grid (off-grid electrification initiative) is a US$300 billion market in the West African ECOWAS network alone
  • A TCO schedule offers robust depreciate of up to 20 years. The polyurethane element offers a building depreciation of up to 50 years
  • Products can be pre-made prior to Lego type assembly after distribution. 5-man team can erect up to 1,000spm of accommodation in number of days. All buildings are scalable and expandable (space permitting).
  • There are no hazardous materials utilized in the production process.

Innovative Encumbrance & Barriers 

  • Importation of offshore products can prove costly compared to local parameters
  • Inefficient  process management can prove to be time consuming with regard to the necessity and demand
  • Inconsistent regulatory conduct may create a barrier
  • New entrants utilizing alternate materials may determine price variances

Opportunities & Threats

  • The real estate market that requires efficient affordable housing is a multi-billion-dollar industry in West Africa
  • Speed of product assembly is essential to capitalization of the commercial offering
  • Threats exist for larceny and deception as individual product layers are transported into the country
  • We offer a great brand of quality material, already being utilized in Europe and Australia.
  • Management of operations is expertly delivered through project engineers and OEM expert staff (in Ghana) the local workforce are consistently and  essentially being upskilled
  • The housing market and various business sectors desperately require efficient low-cost accommodation to complement ongoing infrastructure development.  Coupled with our solar offering (potential mini-grid) we are participating in creative tasks to lower global emissions as a strategic initiative.