We are positioned as a unique global enterprise with innovative service offerings; fulfilling sustainable initiatives necessary to future proof our existence. We have a go to market strategy that covers the masses! We also cover all demographics & sectors and have a vested interest in the betterment of urbanisation, up-skilling and progressive environmental initiatives.


Product Marketing Platforms:

  • Online

  • Print

  • Radio

  • Cable television

  • Word of mouth

  • Government approval documentation

  • Business website advertising

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Search engine optimization

  • Content marketing

  • Print marketing materials (brochures, flyers, business cards)

  • Trade shows

  • Networking

  • Referrals

  • Unified Analytis

  • Consumer Experience Data Services

  • Net Promotor Score

  • Growth Hacking

  • Step by step marketing

  • Data centre distribution

  • Ad agency deployment

  • Content management integration

  • HD video utilisation

Legal Environment & CSR

The business (through collaborative global venture partnerships) will

  1. Adhere to all localized law and governance

  2. Respect the landscape and adhere to the political climate

  3. Partner will local participants to understand and respect the local landscape

  4. Practice business with integrity and honour for the betterment of the local community

  5. Abide all by all local regulatory parameters

  6. Displace charity through participation or sponsorship where appropriate and provide the best service to customers whilst building long-term relationships

  7. Remain aware of the socio-economic impact that our business can or may have. We recognise our corporate social responsibility

  8. Pledge our commitment to sustainable and renewable initiatives and work hard to stay mindful and up-to-date with any global communication



The personnel our business demands require and in turn convert to an upskilled workforce in local envronments:

  • Structural Engineers

  • Specialist Ground Machine Operators

  • Quality Surveyors

  • Quality Control Specialists

  • Finance Solutions Specialist

  • Project Managers

  • Land and Zoning Specialists

  • Transportation Specialists

  • Localized Sales Force

  • Data Analysists

  • Product Schedule Specialists

  • Inventory Specialists

  • Distribution Network Specialists

  • Marketing Personnel

  • Assembly Personnel

  • Contracts Specialists

  • Office Administrator

  • Project Architects

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • IT Specialists

  • Project Managers

  • Plant Operators

  • Business Administrators

Inventory, Supplies, Samples and Demand

  • Our products are made at our specialized Australian manufacturing plant. Our Strategic Partners are leders in Thermal & Architectural Building Design Solutions utilizing an Innovative Insulated Panel Structure

  • When it comes to construction, our products are generally distributed in a ready-made format which only requires assembly on delivery

  • More than 4,200sqm units can comfortably be established each month. Based on demand, a greater amount could be deployed

  • Localized product reserves shall be established in Accra, Ghana for additional inventory requirements

  • We have strategic alliance agreements with several suppliers who utilise our breadth of service to extend their product reach

  • We are not aligned to any particular vertical and pride ourselves on assisting clients achieve best in class pricing by utilizing our economies of scales related to product purchase

  • Our global demand assists with our ability to take advantage of our strategic alliance with freight forwarder: Mainfreight


Sales Framework

The core objective is to formulate the ultimate entrepreneurial sales approach and couple it with a systematic framework. This will design an emphatic environment of innovation whilst supporting the methodical ethos of a structured environment. Strategic formulation must be applied to ensure continued excellence. 

We offer face to face workshops to ensure you deliver "the magic in the meetings". With in-depth technique; a sincere passion for success will be linked to key business development drivers to ensure a consistent vision and unobstructed strategic direction. We will map out your sales journey and help with the comprehension of effective, high level account management and customer retention. We advocate "encouragement in experimentation" and the fundamentals of support.

The ability to recognize differentiation, manage objections, mitigate the risk of failure and get through necessary daily tasks are dependent on a methodological approach. Entrepreneurial workshops and training will assist your team perform at the best of their ability and offer a practical reference guide.

Though sales success and entrepreneurship seem divided from one another, a successful sales person, team or organization will always have a framework in place. Having a solid foundation and understanding means you have a constant vision and strategy. Once you have “that” it is easy to create a long term plan which will support your decisions through difficult times. You will always have a positive focus…. Your goal.