Nyaco Management Relocates to New OfficeS at the Iconic International Airport in Sydney

May 2018 - Nyaco Management have relocated its headquarters and Australian head office to Sydney International Airport. "When these brand new offices became available there was very little to consider. My team and I travel often, so it was a natural and encouraging transition for all involved. We like the ambiance and relation to freedom that airports and aeroplanes bring. We are doing a lot of work in England and Africa so we like the locality. We are happy to begin a very encouraging business chapter" said Nyaco Management’s, CEO




Global Head of Sports Management

Mike Altamura has taken the position of Global Head of Sports Management leading Nyaco Managements Sports Management Division.

Mike Altamura is a dynamic individual who has gained global acclaim from his accomplishments in the Boxing Industry. Mike is responsible for guiding many careers to prosperous heights and now looks to partner with Nyaco Management to establish a global brand.

Mike recently said: “Our objective is to build a global sports management and promotional brand. Our core focus will be enlisting viable athletes but we also have a very serious focus on global events and entertainment. I believe we have the fundamental network to take advantage of the  diverse international sports and events environments from Ghana, to Australia, the UK and beyond. I like the innovative work Nyaco Management are involved in and more than anything I like their vision. We will soon start to enlist boxers, footballers and various athletes to the Nyaco Management banner. In the future this will be an enhanced and competitive name in the market.”

Nyaco Management have been selective when it comes to their sporting endeavours but the appointment of Mike Altamura will quickly see an uprise in related activities. “We are thrilled to have Mike join our dynamic team and bring his wealth of experience in the sports management field. His passion for sports and boxing in particular runs deep alongside our strategic ethos. Mike has full autonomy to grow the brand with his colourful endeavours and dynamic strategies. He has my full support and alliance” said Nyaco Management’s CEO

Nyaco Management – Sport

Nyaco Management and its affiliates are registered Soccer Agents (registered and affiliated under Football Federation Australia) and work closely with the Ghana Football Association and various Football Academies in England, UK.

We offer Management Services for Professional Boxers and Professional Football Players. Nyaco Managemement is affiliated with professional promotional Services related to sporting events, sports entertainment and sports distribution

Nyaco Management – Talent

Nyaco Management is an international talent representative organisation. Marketing select athletes and entertainers in the sporting and music industry

We offer a broad range of representation, encompassing marketing and global planning for major national and international clients. Nyaco Management has a well established Intermediary Soccer License (Football Agent) we have access to major music and media channels on a global scale

Our selective aim is to vigorously assist our client’s growth potential by providing specialized  services in the elite entertainment sector and focus on brand expan. Our mission is to give each client a unique experience through the entire project cycle. We also work extensively to maintain a culture interity and humility, which reflects our values and ethos of integrity, proactivity, reliability, passion and determination


Our CEO is a boxing commentator; complementing his achievements as a former professional boxer and Crusierweight World Champion. Ted has industry insights, contacts and experience with live broadcasting. We utilise this intelligence to create a viable case for networking in the global boxing fratenity


With extensive business affiliations and industry alliances; Nyaco Management is heavily involved in boxing promotions. Oftentimes the involement is unique to our represented sportsmen but we are advocates of sports sponsorship and have a proud history of participation

Nyaco Management – Charitable Contribution

Nyaco Management offers services to athletes of all disciplines making the transition from elite sports, to normal everyday life as we know it. Share some experiences and interactively understand each journey.